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Compare Maintenance Plans

To find that Perfect fit for You

We offer a wide range of different Maintenance Plans for your needs,

need a custom plan? contact us today

Startup Plan
Combo Plan
Advanced Plan
Elite Plan
Response Time
Any issues that arise with your Product. We aim to respond within the allocated time depending on the plan your purchase
Work Provided for Free
Depending on your Plan we provide free working hours where we will not charge the Work Carried Out Fee for a set number of hours. after that time we will charge as per normal. 
Checkup On Product
We check over your Product and ensure it's ticking over properly. We will flag up anyting that we feel needs some TLC.
Audit Reports
We do a complete audit of your product and do some suggestions for improvement for user ability and ease of access
Compliance Checks
We check over your product to ensure that your product is compliant with the relevant compliance orders
Live Performance Checks
We check over your product to ensure that its performance as well as it should be
Design Assets
As part of your product creation, we will create a Design Asset page for your product, that you can send out to Marketing Teams etc. 
Support Centre
got custom systems? Silvester Design will provide you a support centre with help articles and how to tutorials. 
Product accessible on Client Portal
We will place your product onto our Client Portal where you can find all of your invoices and more.
Mobile Site Designed on Creation
We design your mobile site when we hand the product over to you. Make sure any changes you make on the desktop via the editor to check mobile editor too!
Access to Priority Support
Have access to WIX Priority Support with Silvester Design for all website products. Contact Silvester Design to obtain support access
Work Carried Out for £20ph
Any work that Silvester Design does for you after the creation process will be £20ph for small tasks anything larger may need quoting up

Need a custom plan?

We can create a custom plan to tailor your product and you.

Questions You May Have?

What is a Maintenance Plan?

We will create your product for you, once it is complete we offer out Maintenance Plans like aftercare packages.  We offer a wide range of different services and the bigger the plan the more benefits you'll receive.

How can I keep track of my Maintenance Plan?

Everything you need to know about your Maintenance plan is located under the Filing Cabinet on your Product's Dashboard. You will be able to track everything and download your reports and more.

My Subscription is up for renewal what can I do?

All of our Maintenance Plans last for a single year. Each year we will send you a renewal reminder with the option to continue or upgrade to the next level. 

How do I pay for my Plan?

Once you have ordered your plan, we will send you an invoice to complete payment. Your Plan will automatically launch from order. If payment isn't completed in 14 days of any invoice being received, the plan will automatically be cancelled and reverted to the default Free Plan. Depending on the payment option, invoices will be sent either yearly, monthly or weekly.

What is Work Provided for Free?

Each Year we provide a set amount of Free hours to some Maintenance Plans. When we carry work out for you, we will deduct these hours from your allocation first and then invoice once the allocation has been used. The allocation is reset per year. 

Note: Work Provided Free is non-transferrable between plans. When upgrading or downgrading. 

Can I cancel my Subscription?

When you cancel a subscription it will end of its current cycle with immediate effect and revert to the standard Free Plan.

No full or partial refunds can be issued. 

How do I cancel a Subscription?

Go to your Product's Dashboard and select Subscriptions under Filing Cabinet. Go to Manage and click cancel the plan. 

Note: Cancellation will take up to 24hrs to cancel. If you receive a Maintenance Plan invoice within the 24hr window, please ignore. 

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