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Whether you are looking for a simple single landing page or a more comprehensive online presence, we can create that website just for you.


Giving you, Your website, Your way. 



 We handle the whole process for you, from setting up your website, organsing your domain and emails to creating that unique and engaging written and image content perfect for your business. 

We work closely with you to ensure your website is done exactly the way you want it and communicates who you are and what you do. 

Why do we use the WIX Platform? Simply for the ease of everyday use for our clients. As a client it doesn't matter if you have never coded before, WIX platforms use drag and drop features. With Silvester Design depending on your requirements we will make it easy to change and edit for easy day to day running. 



Having a stunning website is one thing, but it also must be stunning on mobile and tablet platforms too - We create our websites with this in the fore front, we customise your websites to work on all platforms, so you never miss a chance to engage with your audience. Some companies will charge for this service to be included. We are not one of those companies! As majority of traffic comes from Mobiles and Tablets we will do this as standard.

With SEO we approach this with a fine tooth-comb ensuring that your business is easily found online. We use Google analytics and also submit your site and sitemap to Google and other search engines for indexing. 



Mobile Optimisation



Expand & Migrate

If you have a website based with another company such as Wordpress or Squarespace, that is not a problem! 

We can transfer and replicate the site over to WIX, not all features will be transferred easily but that is something we can discuss in detail! 

Why choose the WIX Platform over anyone else? When we design for our clients we look at the everyday use as the main factor, you want a site that can be edited with very little amount of time and published instantly to reach your audience. WIX provides that. With its easy drag and drop features it makes editing so much easier, no coding is involved! For more complex sites, Silvester Design can create a dashboard admin area where you can edit and change the site without having to go on the editor at all! 


If you have a website already with WIX, but want to take it that next step further, this is so easy to do and we can take you through a step by step process setting this up without downtime on your site! 

 Existing WIX User?



Is your business looking into selling products or services? 

Not a problem, Silvester Design uses WIX Stores to create online e-commerce platforms to sell your products. The store is available in mutiple currencies and works for both online and in store purchases. It doesn't matter the size of your business. WIX Stores can handle anything thrown at it. One of the most attractive qualities for WIX Stores is WIX doesn't take a commission from any sales. 

With WIX Stores you can sell physical and digital products to customers from all over the world. 






We offer Consultation services to get the best out of your website. It doesn't matter if it is not with WIX as we can access your site and suggest possible improvements.

We also offer WIX services training with any of their available features i.e. WIX Stores, Events, Bookings etc. 

If you would like training, please contact us today. 


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