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Development, Branding

Capture that Brand of who you are and what you are with visual communication. We craft clean bold memorable brand to fit your company brand



Do you need a logo? We can create that perfect logo for you or your business. 

Using our design skills we can create that perfect logo that will represent you exactly.


Brand Creation

You have a business, but no identity, we can help. We can create an entire brand to help you expand your business 


Brand Development

Have you got an existing brand that you wish to develop into a larger scale brand? We can help. 

We can assist in expanding colour palettes, images and font to embellish your brand to reach further audiences and become more recognisable to any customer.


Print &


We love a great design and want to show your business at its best. With expertise in design we can create that special product to print for an event, production, promotional event and so much more. 

Let us know what you need and we can design it! 

Some products we can even send to print for you, such as Business Cards using Moo.com for high quality finish. 




Every design requires that outstanding graphic. Silvester Design can create that graphic for you to help market whatever you need. 

Your graphic can be incorporated into any print or digital design. 

To get started all we need to know is what your looking for? 


Social Media Design

What to market on social media, we can create any design into the right social media size image.


We support every social media platform, also just let us know what you need and we can easily create it for you. 


Start Your



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